Murshidabad Printed Silk Saree

Better view of Bengal Silk sarees.
Single Thread(PSMM100003)
Rs. 2530.00
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The elegance of the lightweight Murshidabad Printed Silk sarees from Resham Shilpi is beyond compare. They are made from an indigenous multi-voltine heat resistant variety of silkworms commonly known as Nistari (Bombyx Craesi) cultivated on the Gangetic plains of Bengal. The raw gold coloured Nistari cocoon is treated with boiling water to untwine the silk from the cocoon. 6 to 8 cocoons create a single strand (Single Tana) of the saree. These sarees high on natural sheen and soft to touch, come in two varieties; Single Tana (ST): 1 strand of silk is used in the warp and 1 strand in the weft. Double Tana (DT): 2 strands of silk are used in the warp and 1 strand in the weft. The raw weight of a 5.5 meters long and 115 centimeters wide Single Tana saree is 340 grams while a similar Double Tana saree weighs 400 grams. Before the yards of silk are hand painted, block printed or screen-printed by enlisted printers of PBRSSM Ltd., the milky white fabric is washed and softened. The wash makes the fabric 30% lighter than it was originally.